Very special DJ set from 21st century afro supergroup Afriquoi, showcasing the influences in the music of the stellar 5 piece live show, drawing on afro house, techno, afrodisco, global bass, soul, afrobeat, zouglou and traditional African styles in a highenergy, dancefloor friendly UK afro workout!

 When Hugh Tracey (1903-1977) made 35,000 field recordings across Sub-Saharan Africa between the 1920s & 1970s, his intention was to reveal the beauty and complexity of this music to a world that saw little value in it. Today, almost 90 years later, Tracey’s bid to preserve the music of Africa for future generations lives on. 

Here comes the sucker punch! get ready for some toe-curling pelican-hurling recession-proof nonsense from these silly brassophiles.

Branko Ristic, one of the world’s foremost Gypsy Jazz Violinists, has joined with Faith Ristic, a highly charismatic and virtuosic UK Accordionist, to create a style that draws from and redefines each of their musical heritages.

Gypsy Hill play an intoxicating mix of Balkan brass, Mediterranean surf rock, ska & swing. Featuring guitars, horns, tuba, a scratch DJ and a mix of live and electronic beats, Gypsy Hill effortlessly mix the traditional with a uniquely modern sound.

Greetings from the darker realms traveller! Welcome to the weird, wonderful and downright perverse cooking pot that is HALLOUMINATI.

Matuki are a 12 piece band who play west African music fused with urban funk. Their first live gigs were at Glastonbury Festival ’15, where they immediately won audiences over with sizzling horns, tuff bass-lines, interlocking guitars & soaring vocals. Led by master drummer and lead vocalist, Abraham Ebou,

Sheffield's Mango Rescue Team combine world music and the avant-garde, and aims to link traditional British psychedelic culture with Latin-American and African influences.

Towering vocal harmonies and unstoppably hip-shaking grooves come together seamlessly with soaring cello and clarinet to create Me and My Friends’ unique blend of bouncy reggae and loveable Afro grooves.

Influenced by the roots of the Serbian Kolo and the Turkish čoček, Op Sa! is an addictive blend of wild beats, gypsy flair and modern sound.

Ruth Theodore’s songs fascinate audiences with their gripping honesty and distinctive lyricism. Over an array of unconventional guitar tunings, Ruth sings stories of the known universe with captivating vocal dexterity and poetic originality.

Roaring out of the South-West foothills comes Screamin' Miss Jackson and the Slap Ya’ Mama Big Band playing a brand of music that stands all by itself – Hokum Blues and Hillbilly Fervour combine with Ragtime and Western Swing to produce an unstoppable force as powerful as a hurricane

The Brass Funkeys draw from the traditions of New Orleans with skilled musicianship, rolling from spirited second line revelry to soulful jazz funeral marches and brass driven funk.

DJ Chris Tofu has a legendary past of DJing in fields and under rotten canvas.  His records come with the dust of a thousand mad all-night magic festivals, over fifteen years, all over Europe and beyond.

With his trademark blend of red hot 'classico' latin beats, uptempo carnival rhythms,  tropical bass, and fresh global sounds, Cal Jader is helping to soundtrack London's thriving underground scene with residencies across the capital.

The truly anarchic Penny Metal is a DJ extraordinaire, boldly playing tunes no one else dares.