Deep afro grooves, electronics and fierce energy.


Frantic and rich melodies.

With a huge brassy sound, grooving drums and infectious Womping bass Sam and the Womp proritize the party with their unique blend of trumpet driven dance music.

Founded by guitarist Max Rodriguez with the sole intention of driving dance floors wild.

Malphino are an outer-national, mystical band from an imaginary tropical island.

Foot stomping rhythms, exhilarating arrangements and virtuosic lead guitar lines.

Deadbeat Brass is the lovechild of funk, jazz, hip-hop with a dash of pop, all purposefully knitted together with a New Orleans brass band twist.

Mixing modern tracks with New Orleans influences to create an up beat and lively sound that will spread smiles and dance moves across the party.
The True Strays. Rhythm and blues fuelled, good time vintage roots rock and roll.

This six-piece African Blues and reggae Fusion band has crafted a seemingly irresistible urban edge.

Inspired by grooves from Chicago to Havana.

Immersive playful experiences, innovative music platforms and multi-sensory entertainment.

Combining traditional reels, barn dances and ceilidh with banging beats and basslines.

DJ Chris Tofu has a legendary past of DJing in fields and under rotten canvas. 

From Vintage Remix to Ghetto Funk via Reggae, Hip-Hop, Jungle and Drum’n’Bass, Count Bassy is never short of beats to make you move your feet!

Vintage sounds of 1930’s Swing to 1960’s Soul, fused with modern Bass music.

Freshly baked, nice and hot.