From hip-hop to (nu)soul via folk and more, but what strikes you first when listening to her work is her strong and fragile voice, intimate and yet loud: the voice of a fulfilled woman, living in and out this brave new world.

 From hip-hop to (nu)soul via folk and more, Siska's background is as wide as is her hometown of Marseille, France's sunbathed, cosmopolitan and most underrated city. But what strikes you first when listening to her work is her strong and fragile voice, intimate and yet loud: the voice of a fulfilled woman, living in and out this brave new world.

Her spectacular slowmo video “unconditional rebel” (with which she reached the more than honorable number of 3M views) in 2015, raised a lot of expectations; and we can safely say they've been met with this LP “a woman's tale”. 

And it's indeed the tale of a woman that's being told here. Better known as Sista K, her alias as lead singer of french finest world beat gang Watcha Clan, she's been hitting stages and festivals all around the world for the past few years: Berlin, New York, Oran, Budapest, Tokyo, you name it... While on stage, she displays the kind of energy and charisma that won't let anybody safe, fully devoting herself to her act, physically as well as spiritually. 

2012. the big shift: Siska gets off the tourbus and settles back home, or rather back to the cabanon, one of those tiny houses set in Marseille's very own calanques (local name for creeks). Kept away from stages by a most happy occasion, she decides to use this forced break to write songs and surprise everyone with an impressive shift in style, leaving her comfort zone for the best. 

In this beautiful scenery, she gives birth to these intimate, serene and yet powerful  and concerned songs, be they about love, mothership, of course, or her connexion to a world she wishes was better for her coming child. 

If we weren't afraid of commonplaces, we could be tented to say she reached maturity with this first solo album. That would be unfair, given the freshness of the whole thing. The groove may often be sweet and easy going, this 3.0 folk songs display a blend of classic chords arrangements and ethereal electronic pads reminding us of LA's own future beat scene and cloud rap, thus bringing together the best of both worlds: tradition and modernity. Trip Hop and Nu Soul aren't far either, with tutelary figures such as Beth Gibbons and Erykah Baduh flying over the whole record.

This album's also got its load of hip-hop of course, with rare and well chosen featurings coming from across the Atlantic: cool flow goddess Akua Naru, restraint and yet fist up on the engaged hit Rising; LA's phenomenon Charles X, whose sharp and languorous flow perfectly matches the futuristic and so californian Silver and Gold, or Bay area legend Rashan Ahmad, on Dangerous, an implacable love song (indeed) taking us somewhere between Bristol and Los Angeles (you get it : the lady's actually built some kind of bridge between Marseille's Prado and Venice Beach; same sunshine, same laid back vibe...). 

To produce the project, Siska naturally enlisted her long time partner in crime from Watcha Clan Suprem Clem, who provides classy arrangements and just the right amount of electronics. 

The result is a rich and fulfilled work, timeless and up-to-date at the same time, the perfect frame for the voice and texts of a woman who's just started her mutation. To discover on stage in a trio formula (voice and guitar/ machines and keyboards /drums) that perfectly matches the intimacy and raw power of this beautiful collection of songs.