Penny Metal

The truly anarchic Penny Metal is a DJ extraordinaire, boldly playing tunes no one else dares.

Her passion for Eastern European and Russian music shines through in the eclectic sets she unleashes on her audiences. Innovative and inspirational, expect a quirky soundtrack of rich folk anthems and eccentric electronica splashed with polka, surf and chiptunes. With wry humour and a cheeky grin she propels you into your own personal cartoon.

Having started her DJ career playing a cassette tape of Romanian folk music to people in k-holes at squat parties 20 years ago, Penny has since amassed a vast collection of eastern European and Russian vinyl records. The best of the tunes found on these records appear on her 'Mad Tunes From Around The World' - 17 volumes of CDs promoting music from eastern Europe. Her DJ career has taken her from punk parties in London and Berlin to festivals in Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, Sweden and Italy via clubs in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Lisbon, Bucharest, Split, Paris, Vienna, Milan, Naples and Istanbul. As a lover of music played by people who actually play instruments she has shunned 'beats' and adamantly refuses to play anything that has been remixed.

Penny runs the very popular Polka Tent at Bestival - showcasing the best folk bands from the UK.