Afriquoi (DJ Set)

Very special DJ set from 21st century afro supergroup Afriquoi, showcasing the influences in the music of the stellar 5 piece live show, drawing on afro house, techno, afrodisco, global bass, soul, afrobeat, zouglou and traditional African styles in a highenergy, dancefloor friendly UK afro workout!

Afriquoi is rapidly becoming a globally respected name, fusing traditional African elements with electronic sounds drawing on house, garage, dancehall, soca, hiphop and disco. Formed in 2011 out of London's cultural melting pot, Afriquoi is a UK afro supergroup, with every musician a band leader in their own right. With members ranging in age across 3 decades, originating from Africa, the Carribean and the UK, Afriquoi is true fusion music in the best sense of the word, bringing together a vast depth of musical knowledge, culture and life experience. Although celebrated for the five piece live show, Afriquoi DJ sets have developed a powerful profile in their own right, allowing a deeper showcasing of the African and electronic roots of Afriquoi's sound and adaptable to a much wider range of settings than the full live show. The last 12 months have seen DJ bookings at WOMAD (Fuerteventura), Dimensions (Croatia), Fusion (Germany), and club shows in Belgium, Portugal, Germany and Canada, with many more on the horizon. As well as Afriquoi’s own album output, Afriquoi’s remix work has been much loved by DJs across the globe, with remixes already under their belt for Vieux Farka Touré, Pierre Kwenders, Tinariwen, Amadou Diagne and Nubiyan Twist, as well as remixes of Afriquoi coming thick and fast by some rising stars of Global Music in a range of different styles.

Expect some heavy original unreleased business!