Greetings from the darker realms traveller! Welcome to the weird, wonderful and downright perverse cooking pot that is HALLOUMINATI.

Over the last couple of years this Nottingham based band have been carefully blending their unique and high octane GYPSY/GREEK/SKA/ RAGGA/ELECTRO/AFRO/BALKAN mash-up and sweating it out for all to hear.

Mixing the gritty realms of SKANKING RAGGA PUNK with traditional GREEK REMBETIKO vibes, they throw deranged beats for an unforgettable live show. Peek under the lid and you’ll see it all bubbling under the surface; from GOGOL BORDELLO to A HAWK AND A HACKSAW, A.D.F, MATISYAHU and a few good hunks of KING PRAWN dunked in BALKAN BEAT BOX, HALLOUMINATI are definitely worth sinking your teeth into. Slamming dirty beats and time signatures that would put Rick Wakeman off his tea, these nutcases refuse ticking off the generic boxes of Tetris covers and do everything in their power to keep that party going.