Me and My Friends

Towering vocal harmonies and unstoppably hip-shaking grooves come together seamlessly with soaring cello and clarinet to create Me and My Friends’ unique blend of bouncy reggae and loveable Afro grooves.

Bound by their mutual love of the sun-drenched vintage sounds of afrobeat, highlife and roots-reggae the quintet effortlessly re-invent their influences around the delicate, evocative and instantly recogniseable voice and West African fingerstyle guitar of singer Nick Rasle.

The result is something fresh and unique, marrying the emotional vocal power of early jazz and delta blues with the rhythmic force of Ghana's golden era and the great Reggae songwriters.

Having enthralled audiences across the UK with their whirlwind live show, Summer 2016 sees the release of the band’s second album on the internationally acclaimed Soundway Records.