(In collaboration with Music Action International)

Friday 2nd Feb, Richmix, 7pm-12am


Throughout the course of history global hubs like London have been defined, shaped and moulded by a myriad of ethnicities constantly adding ingredients to their cultural and musical melting pots. Here we explore The Next Wave - The Latest Sounds of the London Underground at our ‘Folk of the World’ concert in association with the Refugee Kitchen charity. The event will be held at Richmix as part of the London Remixed Festival 2018 on Friday February 2nd and will showcase refugee artists as well as musicians from Syria, Iraq and Turkey. This event will act as a fundraiser for the Refugee Community Kitchen, to help celebrate the beauty, richness and diversity of the refugees music and culture as well as raise awareness of the refugees situation in the UK and what you can do to help.


EVERYDAY PEOPLE ( Music For Action International)

Everyday People is Music Action International's programme supporting separated young people newly arrived from conflict areas.

Teenage refugees often arrive in the UK without family or friends, having survived armed conflict and endured a horrific and dangerous journey to get here.

Therapeutic, creative music sessions provide relief from daily stresses caused by their traumatic experiences, and encourages friendships with other young people.

'Before I felt alone. I didn’t feel like people were helping me. I felt like I didn’t have friends.  After I was so happy, and now I feel like I have a new friend every day.  I now feel like things are possible that were not possible before.’ Hassan, Everyday People participant

Everyday People supports young refugees aged 16 – 25 years old, in Manchester, London and soon in Kent to create compelling, original music with an important message.



The Romany Diamonds

Ricardo Czureja, founder of the Romany Diamonds, arrived in the UK from Poland with his family in 1998. The Romany Diamonds have existed in everything other than name for a long time, but were finally christened and formalised in 2008. The Czureja family have always been musical; Ricardo’s son Benjamin explains that music is “what we live off; it’s our bread”.

Their music is an energetic whirlwind of violins played at breakneck speed, hurried along by the rhythm section of accordion, keyboards, double bass and guitar. Whilst their music is traditionally Roma in sound, flecks of other genres appear, such as folk music from Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, and Jewish music.



more acts to follow..